Road Closures - CSX Railroad Crossings

Posted on Monday February 12, 2018
Road closures at Crestdale Road, N. Ames Street and Campus Ridge Road

Please be aware that the railroad crossings at the roads listed below will be closed by CSX for the next three to five days for repairs. We will provide an update as soon as we have any new information on completion and road openings. Please plan an alternate route along with an extended travel time until these crossings are reopened.

Currently Closed: 
Crestdale Road
N. Ames Street
Campus Ridge Road

Trade street along with Tank Town Road are also scheduled for repairs, but are currently still open. We are awaiting more information as to when Tank Town Rd. will be closed. Per CSX, when the repairs are done on the Trade St. crossing, it will not be shut down to vehicle traffic. We will pass along anymore updates and / or details as they come in.



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