Small Area Plan Overlay: What do those signs mean?
Posted on Wednesday June 06, 2018
You may have noticed these signs posted around town, so we wanted to clarify what they mean.

Small Area Plan Signs

You may have noticed these signs posted around town, so we wanted to clarify what they mean.

The Town adopted three Small Area Plans (Monroe Road in 2014, Entertainment District in 2014, and E. John/Outer Loop in 2017), which show concepts for possible future development, as well as transportation connectivity (pedestrian and bicycle, streets, transit, etc.). Each Small Area Plan has its own unique policies and actions to follow during consideration of development proposals. The Small Area Plans are policy documents that define the vision, but have no enforcement capability.

The proposal before the Board at Monday's meeting is to help ensure that any new development will be consistent with the goals and policies of the previously adopted Small Area Plans. The Board will consider putting in place an overlay for these areas. An overlay gives the Town the ability to enforce the requirements, making sure developers comply with the vision. It's a proactive measure to ensure the Small Area Plans are followed. For example, the downtown overlay (which has been in place for 20 years) has protected and preserved our downtown. 

There is nothing new or different than what was previously adopted, and the Town is not proposing development in any of these areas. No property will be rezoned from how it is currently classified.

As with any proposed zoning changes, all nearby property owners received a detailed letter explaining this. You can find more information here: (Motion 2018-1 and 2018-2).


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