Planning Conference: 2/27-3/1/2020

FEBRUARY 27 – MARCH 1, 2020


THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2020 – Hood Room, Matthews Town Hall; 232 Matthews Station Street, Matthews NC

5:30 pm - Dinner

6:00 pm - 1. Reduce  response times for Police/Fire & EMS to respond to all citizens, especially with our growth of senior communities; 2. Discuss Idlewild VFD; 3. Discuss construction of Fire Station 3 in proximity to Purser Hulsey Park

9:00 pm - Recess until 8:00 am on February 28 at Matthews Town Hall


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28 – Hood Room, Matthews Town Hall; 232 Matthews Station Street, Matthews NC

7:30 am - Breakfast

8:00 am - 4.  Improve road at Crestdale Road and Charles Street – currently trucks get stuck at the railroad tracks there. See if we can get a grant to raise Charles Street to reduce flooding and potential train derailments

8:45 am - 5. Review NCDOT road improvements in Matthews including betterments i.e. multi-use trails, bridge aesthetic enhancements; 6. Examples of interchange aesthetic  improvements

10:15 am - 7. Add signature events in Matthews; e.g. jazz festival, pottery festival, annual 5-10k race along greenways

10:45 am Break

11:00 am - 8.  Sidewalk gaps in downtown; 9. Discuss funding to fix potential  sidewalk trip hazards in town

12:00 pm - Lunch

12:30 pm - 10. Discuss  development of 27 acres at the corner of McKee and Pleasant Plains (we have $1.0 million from Windsor Run)

1:45 pm - Recess until 5:00 pm on February 28 at Chetola Lodge; Equestrian Boardroom

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28 – Chetola Lodge; Equestrian Boardroom; 185 Chetola Lake Drive, Blowing Rock, NC

5:00 pm - 11. Discuss funding options, including 2020 bond referendum, for road construction (W. Charles, Ames, etc); road paving; park construction (Purser Hulsey); greenway construction; fire station construction

a.Review pavement condition study. $1.55 million is needed each year for ten years to bring all roads to a standard of 80

6:30 pm - Recess until 8:00 am on February 29 at Chetola Lodge; Equestrian Boardroom


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 29 - Chetola Lodge; Equestrian Boardroom; 185 Chetola Lake Drive, Blowing Rock, NC

8:00 am - Discussion and breakfast; 12. Discussion on development trends/Board’s desires regarding development

9:30 am - 13. Attainable and  affordable homes in Matthews. Make it possible for those who work here to live here. Explore options for renovating vacant buildings into affordable residences

10:30 am - Break

10:45 am - 14.  Downtown  design guidelines

11:30 am - Lunch

12:00 pm - 15. Family Dollar site is a r edevelopment opportunity. Is it time to develop a small area plan?; 16. Increase good-paying  jobs to replace what’s been lost so people can work and live in Matthews; explore incentive options to attract businesses – e.g. Family Dollar site; 17. Discuss Silver Line study, Transit Oriented Development (TOD) study and rail trail study

2:00 pm - 18. Consider a  local designated historic district for the “old Town” area (Main Street area)

3:00 pm - 19. Review  Greenway/Multi-use Plan

4:00 pm - Break

4:15 pm - 20. With the impending widening of Highway 51 we have potential for  connecting the greenway from Bubbling Well to Reverdy

4:45 pm - 21. Acquire planned land to  build out Stumptown Park so we can implement our plan for that area               

22. Discuss  possible purchase of 115 S. Freemont Street (expansion of Stumptown Park)

5:30 pm -23. Increase park space; retain Matthews’ historic buildings to use for community and private events; e.g. Grier space

6:15 pm - Recess until 8:30 am on March 1 at Chetola Lodge; Equestrian Boardroom


SUNDAY, MARCH 1 - Chetola Lodge; Equestrian Boardroom; 185 Chetola Lake Drive, Blowing Rock, NC

8:30 am - Discussion and breakfast; 24. Decide on a branding vision. We have logo and vision statements and now need a theme. E.g. railroad or architectural features like towers and turrets. Merchants would have the opportunity to do artistic placemaking

9:30 am - 25.  Matthews Alive Funding

10:30 am - 26. Explore expanded use of  tourism funds

11:30 am - Discussion and lunch; Revisit any previous topics as needed

1:00 pm - Adjourn




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