Town of Matthews
January 8, 2018


JANUARY 8, 2018 – 5:30 PM


The Board will meet to review applications for town advisory committees.


JANUARY 8, 2018 - 7:00 PM


1. Regular Meeting Called to Order


2. Invocation – Mayor Paul Bailey


3. Pledge of Allegiance


4. Items to be Added to the Agenda


5. Introduction and Ceremonial Swearing-In of Matthews Police Chief Clark Pennington


6. Recess Regular Meeting for Public Hearings on Applications to Amend the Unified Development Ordinance of the Town of Matthews as Follows:


A. Zoning Application 2017-668/Matthews Brewing Co: to change the zoning conditions within that certain zoning B-1(CD) District located at 124 W. John Street and being further designated as Tax Parcel 193-262-02, to expand the permitted uses to include micro-brewery; restaurant; and brewpub  2017-668 memo


B. Zoning Application 2017-669/text: to amend the existing text of the UDO regarding roof-top signs    2017-669 memo


C. Zoning Application 2017-670/4 Corners: to change the zoning from R-15 to R-VS, SRN and R-15(CD) on those certain properties being designated as Tax Parcels 193-151-04, 05, 14, 16, 17, 18, 22, 28 & 29, and further being properties located along Sam Newell Road and Keziah Road    2017-670 memo   PUBLIC HEARING CONTINUED TO  FEBRUARY 12, 2018


D. Zoning Application 2017-671/Mount Moriah: to change the zoning from CrC(old) to CrC(new) on those certain properties designated as 305, 381, 403 and 407 Crestdale Road and 617 Matthews Chapel Road, and further being properties designated as Tax Parcels 215-021-10, 11, 15 & 65    2017-671 memo


E. Motion 2017-4/text: to amend the text of the UDO to revise standards for communication towers and antennas and corresponding definitions regarding wireless facilities including small cell sites and Distributed Antennae Systems (DAS)    Motion 2017-4 memo


F. Zoning Application 2017-672/Hanna: to change the existing Conditional District to B-1(CD) on that certain property designated 9808 Northeast Parkway and further designated as Tax Parcel 193-303-05     2017-672 memo  


G. Zoning Application 2017-673/Eden Hall: to change the existing conditions in that certain RVS District on that certain parcel commonly referred to as Eden Hall and located off Fullwood Lane to change the condition allowing 41 townhomes to 31 single-family homes    2017-673 memo


H. Zoning Application 2017-675/CrC2: to change the zoning from CrC(old) to CrC(new) on those certain properties being designated as Tax Parcels 215-021-01, -07, -49, -50, 215-031-04, -05, -10, 215-032-13, 215-041-37 and -45, and further being properties located along Matthews Chapel Road, Crestdale Road, Linden Street, Matthews School Road, George Clay Lane and East Charles Street     2017-675 memo


7.  Reconvene Regular Meeting


8.  Planning and Development Business


A. Revised Master Sign Plan – Matthews Festival Shopping Center   APPROVED


9.  Public Comment (Please sign in to speak at this time. Limited to 4 minutes.)


10.  Reports from Boards/Committees


A. Environmental Advisory Committee –  Minutes


11. Consent Agenda   APPROVED


A. Approve Minutes of the  December 11, 2017 Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

B. Approve Minutes of the  December 19, 2017 Board of Commissioners Special Meeting/New Member Orientation

C. Accept Zoning Application 2017-676, CARS-DP4, LP/Infiniti of Charlotte; 9009 E. Independence Boulevard; B-H(CD) Change of Conditions, and Set a Public Hearing for February 12, 2018

D. Approve Mileage Reimbursement to Mayor Bailey in the Amount of $130.54

E. Cancel February 26, 2018 Board of Commissioners Meeting

F.  Set Public Hearing for February 12, 2018 on Revisions to Ordinance Chapter 52; Storm Water Pollution

G.  Appoint Charleen Thompson to Matthews Veterans Advisory Committee

H. Approve Budget Ordinance Amendment to Recognize Insurance Proceeds in the Amount of  $631.20


12. Unfinished Business


A. Consider  Revised Unified Resolution for NCDOT U-4717 (E. John Street) Design Standards   DENIED


13. New Business


A. Appoint Commissioner to Levine Senior Center Board of Directors


14. Mayor’s Report


15. Attorney’s Report


16. Town Manager’s Report 


17. Adjournment






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