Records / Communications Division

- Emergency Communications Division:
 serving as the critical link between the public, our officers, and other emergency providers, this staff of eight full-time & roughly fifteen part-time certified Dispatchers provide a tremendous service 24/7. Each shares the responsibility of receiving all public calls for police and/or animal care services (more than 100,000 telephone calls annually), manage the dispatch of call information & data to our officers in the field, all while maintaining constant radio communications with our officers and those agencies we serve in a mutual aid capacity. 

      Records / Comms Div.

      Lynn Stelley
      Records / Communications Manager / Admin. Asst.
      (704) 841-6714

      Talia Hood
      Communications Supervisor
      (704) 841-6779

      Jennifer Williams
      Communications Supervisor
      (704) 841-6778

      Jo'Ann Zimmermann 
      Records Clerk
      (704) 841-6702

      Becky Thompson
      Records Clerk
      (704) 841-6710

      Records Office Hours:
      Monday - Friday
      9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

      Information / Records Office:
      Fax: 704-845-5824

      Communications Center
      Police Services - Emergency & 
      Non - Emergency Number:
      (704) 847-5555


      Town of Matthews, North Carolina


      Town of Matthews
      232 Matthews Station St.
      Matthews, NC 28105

      Phone (704) 847-4411
      Fax (704) 845-1964


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