Criminal Investigations Division

Criminal Investigations:  While all of our police officers are trained and prepared to investigate any criminal offense, the more intricate or time-consuming cases are assigned to the members of our Criminal Investigations Unit. Our detectives are responsible for the investigation of all felony investigations, serious misdemeanor investigations, and pattern crimes investigations.  These men and women work closely with our regional law enforcement partners to not only solve reported crimes but to identify and capture repeat offenders to prevent future crimes from occurring.

Our Staff: This team is comprised of ten sworn members: a captain, two sergeants, and seven detectives.  Five of the detectives are responsible for general investigations such as homicide, robbery, fraud, burglary, and many others.  Two detectives and a sergeant are responsible for all vice and narcotics investigations.  These include gambling, prescription fraud, prostitution, and all illicit narcotics organizations; one of these detectives is currently assigned to the DEA for specific investigations of heroin cartel organizations. 

Training & Partnerships: Our detectives are trained in numerous specialty areas including crime scene search (digital photography, latent print recovery, tool mark impression, and many more); computer forensics and digital evidence recovery; cellphone forensics & evidence recovery; physical and digital surveillance; interview and interrogation.  Detectives must continually seek new training to keep up with the fast changing technology that helps us investigate crimes.  Members of CID are also members of numerous investigative organizations in the Charlotte Metro area; these memberships provide an opportunity to share criminal information to help solve crimes in Matthews. Several detectives also assist on local state & federal task forces. 

We are fortunate to have some of the most seasoned officers in our region working as detectives for the Matthews community.

Roy Sisk

Captain Roy Sisk - Roy Sisk has over 20 years’ experience in law enforcement.  He joined the Matthews Police Department in 2003 and has worked as a Patrol Officer, Patrol Corporal, and Patrol Sergeant.  He served as a team leader within the department’s SRT for 6 years.  Captain Sisk most recently served as the Patrol Division Commander as well as Interim Chief, and is currently the Division Commander of the Criminal Investigations Division.  He is certified as a NC law enforcement general instructor and conducts in-service training in the areas of DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Officer Safety and Readiness, Rapid Deployment and Tactical Communications.  Captain Sisk received his Bachelor's degree from Wingate University, his Master of Executive Leadership degree from Liberty University, and is a graduate of the 26th class of the North Carolina Justice Academy’s Management Development Program.   

“I am honored to be associated with an organization that truly strives to serve the community.”
- Captain Roy Sisk



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