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Pavement Preservation

The Town of Matthews has announced that Blount Construction will be applying a pavement preservation product to various roads throughout town beginning Monday, June 25th. This continues the cost-effective effort by Matthews to maintain town roads in good condition, rather than waiting for them to fail before fixing them. The product being applied is HA5, a high-density mineral bond that protects the road from degradation from UV rays and rain for 5 to 7 years. HA5 takes about 8 hours to cure.

If you have questions that are not answered in the information below, please call Keith Stephens with Blount Construction at 770-778-1787.


Monday, July 9Tank Town Road/East Charles Street
Tuesday, July 10Tank Town Road/East Charles Street
Wednesday, July 11 –  Country Place
Thursday, July 12 –  Country Place
Friday, July 13 –   Crestdale Crossing
Monday, July 16WindrowCreekside Dr., Springwater Dr., Horseback Cir., Cricket Ln. 
Tuesday, July 17 - Privette Rd.,  Pine Forest: Sadie Dr., Matthews Crossing, Moss Creek Dr., Deer Creek
Wednesday, July 18 - Privette Rd.Pine Forest: Sadie Dr., Kent, Clearbrook Rd. (from High Hill Ct. to end), High Hill Ct., Jeffers Dr.
Thursday, July 19Lightwood Dr., Windrow: (Mill House Dr.,Double Girth Ct., Five Gait Ct., Cannonade Ct.,Gladiateur Ct.)
Friday, July 20Lightwood Dr.

All schedules are posted on, Nextdoor, Facebook and through CharMeck Alerts.  Notices will be delivered to affected residents several days before the work begins.

For more detailed information and maps of street closures, please see:
7/6/18:  Pavement Preservation Continues in Matthews



Roads will be closed during application of HA5 beginning at 8:00 AM until the product has cured at 6:00 PM.

Residents are asked to move their cars out of these areas before 7:30 AM. Residents may park on any streets not being paved that day or in designated parking areas (see map for details). 

Do not park cars on the road or have anything else on the road on the day of application. Residents may park on roads not being treated that day, or in designated parking areas. 

Golf carts will be provided to bring people to and from their houses and nearby cars while the road is closed. This service is provided for your convenience 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM for the homes on the streets being treated. The shuttle service driver’s ability to recognize the curing stage of the newly installed surface treatment and lighter weight vehicle makes this service possible. *To reach the shuttle please call 404-615-0345 from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Water will damage the product until it has cured, so please turn off your sprinklers the night before the application in your area.

The contractor is working with Republic Services to have trash and recycling picked up before the roads are closed, so please make sure that you get your cans out the night before if your trash day coincides with the day of an application in your area.

The contractor is also working with mail service, but there may be a day delay when the product is applied

Roads in your subdivision are having a High Density Mineral Bond installed that will keep your roads in good condition for an extended period of time. You can expect less cracking and potholes as your roads age after receiving this treatment.  If the roads are driven on prior to the cones and barriers being removed the treatment will not bond to the asphalt and the surface treatment will peel off and leave tracks permanently on the road.  In addition any vehicle that drives on the wet treatment will most likely get the material on the vehicle causing possible damage to the vehicle.

This is a proactive strategy to extend pavement serviceability while the road is still in good condition.
Once roads begin to deteriorate, more costly and intrusive rehabilitation is required. Having roads in
good condition will help support your property value as well as reduce intrusive road closures and 
costly rehabilitations over time.

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